Jean-Baptiste Monge Video course (english subs)

Jean-Baptiste Monge Video course (english subs)

Want to learn from one of the best traditional illustrator alive?




As a bonus

  • 5 high-definition inkings by Jean-Baptiste Monge that you can print out and color.
  • 1 video BONUS: Mixing colors with watercolor
  • 1 video BONUS: Studio tour!
  • All videos are downloadables and PC/MAC/tablet/android/IOS compatibleraccoon-coloring


MarieH Zanzal

« I just finished listening to your interview with JB Monge. After years–and I mean a lot of them–of classes, workshops, videos, demos etc on watercolor, I learned more in those 90 minutes, than in all those past years combined.
Theory bores me and doesn’t really bring readily usable information. Pure demo leaves me in the dark, and I cannot look at another color wheel. Many instructors don’t want to divulge their « secrets » and won’t tell too much to their students so as to keep ahead of them. (Or so it seems)

This interview was EXACTLY what I needed and wanted. You always asked the right questions (at least those I had in mind and would have asked myself), and JB responded thoroughly and generously, without trying to make us feel that it works because he is an exceptional artist (which he might be but that is irrelevant). I felt that I was in a college graduate seminar or a master class.

Now I am running to my watercolors and for the first time in my life I’ll know where to begin and I will have an understanding of what to do with those colors.

Many thanks,

MarieH Zanzal« 

How to download?

Just click on the links you received after payment, then right click on the playing video and « save as ».
For playing the .mp4 video files, i recommend the media player named VLC (it’s free).For any question, download and payment issues, please feel free to contact me at pit@dessin.club.
Just keep in mind i answer all my e-mails between 3pm and 9pm (Montreal hour time).
Thanks for your patience!
-Pit Graf


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